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MRI Pilot Scan Request Policy


Suggested Steps to Start a Neuroimaging Study

  1. Obtain IRB approval (required).
  2. Obtain project approval from the MR Imaging Research Review Committee (required). Contact John Irwin (irwinjo3@msu.edu) for paperwork.
  3. Review your experimental design with a MRI physicist.
  4. Work with the MRI physicist for the integration tests.
  5. Work with the MRI physicist for the pilot data.
  6. Summarize and present the results of the pilot data.
  7. If the pilot results make sense, proceed with the full study. If not, please reconsider your experiment.


Information for Running Studies

Current Scanner Schedule

MR safety information provided by Frank Shellock, Ph.D.

Information for Research Subjects

The research scanner is located in room E120 in the Radiology Building.